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       We offer programs for piano/keyboard, guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, drums and percussion, and more! Each of our private music lessons are custom tailored to fit the student’s age and skill level. Music lessons are a half hour in length and are scheduled by appointment. Whatever your musical goals may be, we will get you there!

       Generally, we encourage new students to begin with what we call our TRIAL MEMBERSHIP.  It is a group of four (4) half-hour private (1 on 1) lessons typically scheduled once (1) a week for four (4) weeks.  This can be arranged differently, but this works best.  During the trial membership, the teacher and students get to know each other and the student is evaluated to determine if continuing private lessons would be ideal or if a group environment would be a good next step for the student.


        After students have completed the trial membership, we will discuss options to continue private lessons and/or join a group class. Pricing is subject to change so we don't publish them here, but you may contact us and we will provide suitable options and plans for you.

Please fill the form below and we will contact you as soon as

possible after reviewing your application. Thank you!

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