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We do not buy instruments anymore.  We always need instruments for our students, however, and you can donate your instruments to us and receive a tax deductible receipt.  We are looking for all instruments and they either get used in our school or we donate them to a family in need.

We do not carry an inventory and physical store any more.  Times have changed so we have scaled back and focus on music lessons.


However, we are happy to consult on your music purchases.  We are an affiliate with and will feature products links here we recommend for students at several price points.  If you are looking for more professional and specialty items please contact us and we will help you choose and purchase them.  Affiliate links coming soon!


We accept instruments and other musical items in any condition.  We use them to teach students, for students to use at home, or if we don't need them for students we will sell them in our store to help raise money for our program costs and scholarships.  Please consider donating to us by the filling the form below or using this link.

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