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         Our scholarship program is a solution that bridges the gap for students who otherwise may not be able to afford music lessons.  No one gets turned away but we do have requirements to receive a scholarship.

Why do we provide scholarships?
- We do not want anyone to be excluded from our program due to financial limitations.
- We want to create meaningful and significant experience that encourage, inspire, and motivate people towards community and leadership development.
- We want to see our scholarship students give back to the organization and feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves in their community.

Who should apply?
- Anyone who has the desire to participate in the services we offer.
- We are particularly interested in providing scholarships for people coming from lower-income households.
- Those willing to meet criteria expected of scholarship students: i.e. Volunteering, minimum payments, and leadership development.

What do scholarships provide?
- Scholarships cover partial tuition costs.
- Scholarships are reviewed for renewal when membership expires.  Scholarship students are expected to sign a one year membership agreement.

What are the requirements of scholarship students?
- Scholarship students must be evaluated and interviewed before class placement.
- Scholarship students may choose his/her class and level of involvement in our programs unless a class is full or the director sees a greater benefit in another arrangement.
- Scholarship students need to provide their own transportation to program functions including classes, performances, and other events.
- All scholarship students need to sign a membership agreement a for minimum of one year.
- It is also expected of the families of scholarship students to spend time volunteering their time for the studio.  There are many opportunities for service. 

Please fill the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible 

after reviewing your application. Thank you! 


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