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     To encourage, inspire and motivate all people towards excellence in life and leadership.




     To provide services in the arts which create meaningful and significant experiences for all people not excluding those with financial limitations, disabilities, or at-risk youth.




ENCOURAGE. We believe that the arts can be used to build self-esteem and confidence. We are committed to challenging our students in healthy ways and encouraging them to discover their self-worth.


INSPIREWe believe that if you can encourage a student, you can inspire a student. We take great pride in teaching music, but it's just a tool we use to extend our values. Honesty, integrity and honor are a few values at the core of who we are and we want to inspire our students to share them.


MOTIVATE. We believe that it takes inspiration to motivate people. Our students are naturally motivated towards excellence in our program. We believe that learning excellence in one area of life will spill over into other areas such as school and community service. We want to motivate students towards excellence in life and leadership.


MEANING. Encouraging, inspiring and motivating our students is what gives our program meaning. We further invest in our students by giving them opportunities to empowering themselves by teaching other students, administrating parts of their classes, participating in fundraising, and helping plan and coordinate events.

SIGNIFICANCE. We don't just teach art, we change lives. That is what gives our program significance. Knowing this, we actively seek the support of the community to provide scholarship opportunities for those who would normally be unable to participate in an arts programs.

Music Education Philosophy


     As long as students are having fun and learning something, we are doing great work! Music should be fun! If its not fun, why bother?


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