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Brass & Woodwings

  • We offer lessons on every brass instrument; from trumpet to tuba to french horn to trombone!


  • We accept students of all skill levels, learn to play a note or learn to play a concerto


  • Want to join Gator Band? We will help you prepare and take the necessary steps to get there!



New! Learn how to play Saxophone!

    The saxophone is one of the most popular woodwind musical instruments. It was invented as early as 1841 by an inventor and musician named Adolphe Sax. We can attribute the popularity of the saxophone to the unique melodious sounds it produces.

   There are so many reasons to become a saxophonist. It is a wonderful hobby, people get paid a lot of money to play the saxophone, and it is a skill that can help boost music careers.

      We offer saxophone lessons to help beginners to understand and learn the instrument and also intermediate saxophone players improve their skills.

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