Our Story

     Tobin Wagstaff founded Studio Percussion in June 2002 when he began teaching private drum/percussion lessons out of his home.


      In spring of 2003, the studio created its first group class of about 10-12 students. A vision for impacting youth and the community by mentoring and providing leadership opportunities emerged, setting a foundation for Studio Percussion today. Student population continued to grow and the need for a commercial location became evident.


    In June 2004, Studio Percussion moved into its first commercial location on University Avenue. At this time, developments were underway to incorporate the studio as a non-profit organization and a board of directors was formed. Classes had become more specialized, birthing the first group drum set classes and drumline-type groups, while private lessons continued. In 2004, three hurricanes impacted the state of Florida including the Gainesville area. Roof leaks damaged studio equipment and created health concerns for all members. It became necessary to move into our current location.


      On November 1, 2004 Studio Percussion, Inc. incorporated became a non-profit organization. 2005 became a year of growth and development that accelerated the studio's influence and impact on the community, both musically and otherwise. In September 2006, our application for tax exemption was approved by the IRS making us a charitable 501c3 organization.


       In 2009, Tobin Wagstaff and his family were selected to be the recipients of an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for using Studio Percussion to impact the Gainesville area. Studio Percussion grew significantly in 2010 which played a roll in the decision to move to their new location. The move allowed the studio to restructure its programming and position itself for new growth.


      Presently, Studio Percussion is taking its mission and vision to other instruments and fine arts.