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    The violin is one of the world’s most beloved musical instruments; it also has a reputation for being fiendishly difficult to master and takes time and patience to learn all of the specific nuances of the instrument.


      However, learn to play the violin, and you'll soon discover it comes with a raft of remarkable benefits as well – ones that can stand you in good stead all your life. Don’t just take our word for it though. Take a look at the following benefits and judge for yourself:

  • Violin lessons boost memory and mental capacities

  • Learn to play the violin for finer motor skills, sensory and physical function, also improving posture

  • Pick up a bow for increased social benefits

  • Release negative emotions and stress

     In-person lessons are the best way to learn the violin. Strong fundamentals are key to efficient, effortless playing and optimal sound. We teach students essential instrument care and set-up, tuning, healthy playing posture, bowing, and hand positioning. Our instructors also take students through regular ear training exercises to foster the development of good pitch.

    Additionally, we strive to ensure our students become literate musicians through lessons in scales, music theory, rhythm, and sight-reading.


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