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     We are an affiliate with and will feature products links here we recommend for students at several price points.  If you are looking for more professional and specialty items please contact us and we will help you choose and purchase them.

    The following are items we recommend for our students for their course materials and also instruments and other supplies.  We no longer have our physical store and use our online store on Amazon now.  Some items are not available on Amazon that we keep in our studio location for you but the majority will be here.  If we have something here, it is because it is what we recommend.  We are including instruments at 3 price points: 1. Inexpensive beginner 2. Mid-Level Price for Intermediate Students and 3. Professional Instruments for Intermediate/Professional Students.  We do not include "toy instruments" and we do not include "junk".

Drums & Percussion

Guitar, Bass Guitar, & Ukelele


For the piano books, click on the books listed here then from there find the additional levels you may need.

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