Drew White, Guitar, Piano, and Voice Instructor

Drew White comes from a musical family and has been performing his entire life. With his dad being a banjo player and his uncle being his middle school band director, it is no wonder that Drew wounded up studying music at The Santaluces High School Music Academy. There he performed trumpet, jazz guitar, and studied music theory. Drew went on to complete his Associates of Arts degree at Palm Beach State College majoring in Jazz Guitar studies. At that point Drew had the option to continue studying or start touring the country. Drew went on to complete 8 national tours spanning 45 US states and the US Virgin Islands with the reggae funk rock band: Morning Fatty. During this time Drew completed many studio sessions at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX; Doll House Studios in Savannah, GA; Magic Mix Room in Miami, FL; Moathouse Studios in Gainesville, FL; and Skylab Studios in Gainesville, FL. As a guitarist and vocalist, Drew has worked with jazz guitarist Neil Bacher (Student to Vincent Bredice), Duffy Jackson (Drummer for the Count Basie Orchestra), James Wisner (3x Grammy Award Winning Producer for Slightly Stoopid), Angela Hunte (Renowned Grammy Award Winning Vocal Coach and Songwriter), Jimmy Douglas (4x Grammy Award Winning Producer), Tim Mulberry (Drummer for The Black Eyed Peas), and Roger Lima (Bassist for Less Than Jake). Drew is currently focusing on his skills in event production as a sound engineer working at many venues thoughout Gainesville and the state of Florida.

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